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Fellow of the American Academy 
of Orthopedic Surgeons

Board Certified
Director of the San Diego Knee Clinic 




Dr. Roland is one of the first knee fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons in the United States. He is the Director of the San Diego Knee Clinic. He has performed or been involved in more than 10,000 knee surgeries, including advanced arthroscopy, acute ligament reconstructions, revisions, and artificial joints. He has also successfully non-operatively treated more than 100,000 knee patients.  As an ex-Big Ten quarterback, he understands the specific needs of sports medicine cases and has treated and consulted with professional & recreational level athletes.

Newest Technology 

Dr. Roland utilizes the latest joint injections for early arthritis, and unique ligament-testing devices for ligament injury detection and documentation. He provides advanced arthroscopic surgical joint preservation techniques for treating early and late arthritic conditions and offers second opinions and review of complex cases.

Patient Care

The San Diego Knee Clinic emphasizes conservative and advanced surgical knee treatment modalities. We focus on non-operative and operative knee pathology, including solutions for arthritis, meniscus pain, ligament injuries, and review of complex cases. Please call the number below to schedule an appointment.

We expedite your recovery

     My philosophy of medical practice is humanistic. I became a physician to become a healer. I have not been disappointed. As a treating physician, it is my intention to return my patients to improved orthopaedic health by using both conservative and, when necessary, the most advanced surgical techniques. 

We are providing Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) injections, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections and potentially Stem Cells as they have become scientifically feasible and are used in the office settings and in the operating rooms combined with traditional arthroscopic techniques for articular cartilage, early arthritis, ligament injuries, and knee meniscus tears.

In addition, managing the nutritional aspect of orthopedic conditions is of paramount importance, especially when dealing with early and late arthritis. A healthy lifestyle is emphasized, including teaching the basics of appropriate exercise, orthopaedic nutrition, body weight management, and techniques to reduce joint compression syndromes. 






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Dr. Roland is one of those rare doctors who really goes the extra distance to make sure you have the correct diagnosis and treatment.  I was a pretty serious athlete when I was younger and Dr. Roland was the one to see.  He's treated top football players and world class cyclists. He saw me through a couple bad bike accidents and a herniated disk in my back.

Now that I'm an older "weekend warrior" I've developed knee pain.  When I recently made an appointment to see Dr. Roland he took the time to educate me on what was happening and then include me in the treatment decisions.  He offered alternative treatments, leaving surgery as a last option, which I really appreciated.  

Over the years I've sent many people to Dr. Roland for orthopedic problems and surgeries, each person took the time to thank me for the referral and then continued to be his patient. 

I love to give good reviews for people who deserve it, Dr. Roland is at the top of my "best" list!

                                                  -Judy B.

I received the best possible treatment and care with Dr. Charles Roland.  Dr. Roland thoroughly explained the results of the MRI and the options for my knee repair.  


When he examined my knee, he was always very communicative with his findings and answered all of my questions.  I believe most other surgeons would have recommended a knee replacement.  


Dr. Roland did everything possible during surgery to give me the best chance for recovery without a knee replacement.  
Post-surgical follow-ups with Dr. Roland are also very thorough and he takes the time to answer all of my questions.  


Dr. Roland also communicates with my physical therapist to be sure that they are following his instructions for my recovery. 
I am now in physical therapy and progressing very well.  


I am thankful every day that I am walking without pain and without a knee replacement.

-Karen H.

I was referred to Dr. Roland, who is the director of the San Diego Knee Clinic, due to a complicated knee problem. It was my first time at the San Diego Knee Clinic, and I liked Dr. Roland as a doctor. After falling in 2012, I had two knee surgeries, one in 2012 and another in 2015 by other surgeons. Supposedly, my knee had been cleaned of damage, but it did not improve. My knee trauma was not resolved.


Dr. Roland performed a thorough examination and ordered an MRI. He discovered more damage that needed to be fixed, explained the diagnoses in full, and provided recommendations. I am so glad I chose him to perform the surgery. After surgery, I received pain control, a pair of crutches, and a cane. The day after my surgery, I went to the clinic for a post-op check up with Dr. Roland. He is the only surgeon I’ve had that checked my knee the day after surgery. He recommended therapy that made me feel better. I am getting there! I didn’t even need much pain medication in the weeks following surgery.


I received outstanding service from Dr. Roland. I would highly recommend him. The way he talks to a patient is different from other doctors. He does not talk down to you, he talks with you and patiently listens to what you have to say. He does not dictate how it’s going to be. He works with you to find a solution. He is wonderful. I had an outstanding experience at the outpatient surgical center.

~ Denise U.     



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