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What is the post-surgery recovery time-span?

The time-span strickty varies on the complexity of the procedure being done. Also, the consulant will provide with advice regarding the suggested time you require to fully recover. 

I don't have insurance, when will my bill due?

Fees for consulation are due at the appointment time. Surgery charges are due upon admission.

For surgery, fees are payable on admission. Fees for outpatient consultations are payable at the time of your consultation. 

Are there financial plans available?

Yes, the financial plan is available for qualified individuals. Upon approval for a line of credit individuals are built on a monthly basis.

Can I fly after surgery?

Safety of the medical condition is determined by the cosultant and the approval for travel is determined on a case-by-case basses, depending on the complexity of the procedure performed and the time required for complete recovery of the patient. 

Will I have stitches?

During surgery primarely a biorobservable sutures are used.

Will I need crutches?

Crutches are recommended on the severe case-by-case casis. The consultant will evaluate, give advice on the crutches if required, and will help in determining wether the health insurance will cover the particular crutches type.

When can I return to excercising/physical activities?

Within 2 weeks of the surgery at the post operational evaluation the consultant determines the stage of patient's full revovery, and the consultant provides with feedback regarding when the patient is ready to engage in active excercising.

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